Financial Advisors

Money in Motion

Discover how to become intimately involved in the movement of large sums of money before they actually become available! By helping us guide claimants through the process of settling their claims, you will be able to use "needs-based" planning to design the most tax-efficient solutions. Our comprehensive settlement planning approach utilizes the uniqueness of the structured settlement annuity as well as traditional financial services and life insurance products.

Working with Attorneys

The AVITAS Team will work with all parties of the settlement--you, the client, lawyers, CPAs, mediators and judges, among others, to help settle cases and handle all of the details. Our expertise in settlement services combined with your expertise in financial services products will allow us to leverage existing relationships and become the go-to professional team for all of your clients' and attorneys' needs.

Sustainable Referral Source

By establishing yourself as their financial expert and us as their settlement expert, attorneys and other professionals will turn to you to assist them with their future cases. Instead of you always calling new prospects, the prospects will be brought to you from your attorney relationships! A reasonably successful litigator will have anywhere from a few good clients for you each year to dozens or more in some cases.

Partnering With AVITAS

The settlement process is often long and confusing for people going through a lawsuit.  AVITAS and its affiliates settle over 10,000 cases per year, representing over $2 billion in structured settlement annuities.  Our family of companies is the largest provider of structured settlements in the United States.  The AVITAS Team of Millennium Settlements is uniquely positioned to guide you and your clients through this process.  We will also help show you where your expertise is needed most when working with attorneys and their clients to help resolve complex litigation disputes and together, will bring a wide variety of settlement solutions to the table. By partnering with our team, you will accumulate many centers of influence (attorneys and CPAs) that will consistently provide you highly qualified prospects.

Together, we work with you and your clients to develop plans to help solve your clients’ specific needs to maximize the transactions while minimizing the tax impact. Unlike other structured settlement firms, we believe that a structured settlement product is simply a part of the overall plan for your clients--not the only solution.



Types of Cases

Our team has expertise in most types of legal settlements as well as installment sales.  The most common legal cases we routinely work on are personal injury cases, deferred attorney's fees, employment litigation, worker's compensation and Medicare Set-Asides, sexual harassment and molestation, emotional distress, contract disputes, celebrity endorsements,  wrongful incarceration and many more.

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News Worth Reading

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What We Offer:

Structured Settlement Services:

  • The design and delivery of settlement annuity proposals within 24 hours.
  • Sales and Support Staff available to assist you from coast to coast.
  • Overall case assessment and help with technical issues that arise.
  • Participation in mediations/arbitrations/settlement conferences either live or via teleconference.
  • The drafting and coordination of necessary settlement documents.
  • Coordination with the life insurance carrier or trust company for contract issuance.

How We Help You:

  • Help You Identify New Clients and Opportunities.
  • We protect your interest and involvement in the settlement process.
  • Help You Identify Additional Transactions:
    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Securities
    • Trust (Special Needs, Pooled, Settlement Preservation)

Learn How the AVITAS Team Can Help You Today

If you currently work with attorneys or are interested in gaining attorney-clients, then you need to contact our team to learn how our unique program will perfectly position you as their trusted advisor.