We understand the challenging and difficult process you've been going through. Any kind of legal settlement is not easy--the stress, the emotional toll, the anticipation.  When your settlement is finally close to the end, you start to begin to think about your future again.  And yes, the financial proceeds from the settlement. And now, a new kind of stress is present--what to do with the money.

The AVITAS Team at Millennium Settlements exclusively works with financial professionals--often of your choosing--in order to help you with your financial plan.  We take an educational approach regarding the structured settlement and are here to answer all questions you may have.  Financial concerns are appropriately addressed and handled by professionals with experience in this complex area.

Let us help ensure that your future is secure and your financial worries are behind you.


What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is essentially a a stream of guaranteed, tax-free payments (for personal injury cases) tailored to meet the claimant's future medical expenses and basic living needs.  With a structured settlement, the claimant would receive part of the settlement as cash and part of the settlement as periodic payments over time.  The structured settlement becomes part of the overall financial plan that we develop with the claimant's financial professional, based on each client's unique personal and financial needs. Structured settlements may also be utilized in many other types of legal settlements, but on a tax-deferred basis.


Structured Settlement Benefits

SecurityPeace of Mind.  Freedom.  The companies we work with are the best and most highly rated in the life insurance and trust industries.  Further, claimants can elect for a comprehensive financial plan since our team partners with financial professional to find the best fit for the claimant's needs. Your payments are guaranteed to arrive on time via check or direct deposit. For guaranteed payments, claimants can name bene- ficiaries. The guaranteed tax-free or tax deferred income allows claimants and their family to focus on pulling their lives back together after a tragic accident, wrongful death or stressful lawsuit.

In addition to traditional structured settlement annuities, claimants may also elect to structure part of their settlement utilizing Settlements Plus.  Settlements Plus allows your financial advisor to manage the funds in a managed account and earns market-related returns.  Like a traditional structured settlement, the claimant must determine a payment stream over time from the account.  Also, payments are either tax-free for personal, physical injury cases or tax-deferred for most other case-types.

Learn How the AVITAS Team Can Help You Today

If you are currently going through a legal settlement and have questions about a structured settlement, then you need to contact our team to learn how we work with you, your trusted advisor and your attorney to help finalize your settlement.