About Us

The AVITAS Story

AVITAS, a division of Millennium Settlements Inc., and part of the Integrated Financial Services (IFS) family of companies, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integrated Financial Settlements (IFS). IFS owns four structured settlement agencies with over 200 settlement consultants throughout the United States and more than 400 total professionals on staff. AVITAS was created in recognition of the vital role that financial advisors can play in a comprehensive settlement solution. AVITAS has also pioneered the development of many new applications, helping to grow the utilization of these outstanding solutions to a much broader audience. This combination of product leadership and a more expanded approach to distribution has set AVITAS apart from the rest of the industry. We are the only provider capable of fully supporting financial advisors from coast to coastĀ  with an expert Sales and Case Management Team to guarantee success.

OurĀ Team

AVITAS is comprised of a number of the most widely recognized leaders in our industry. From product development, technical support, sales, marketing and business development expertise, we are staffed with the innovators best prepared to grow the industry and bring renewed emphasis to the business. The leadership at AVITAS has played a prominent role throughout the industry with experience in organizations ranging from major life insurance companies, broker-dealers, other major financial institutions, and prominent structured settlement firms across the United States. This collection of leaders is positioned to maximize this opportunity to truly revolutionize our industry.

Kyle M. Bollman, MBA

Founder & President

Gale Murphy, CSSC

Executive Vice President

Susan R. Clark, CSSC

Senior Vice President


Chris Shumate, MSSC, CSSC, CMSP

Strategic Relationships

Sales Team

Tyler Hardy

Regional Vice President,

Settlement Consultant

Chad Williams

Regional Sales Associate,

Settlement Consultant

Josh Farmer

Regional Sales Associate,

Settlement Consultant

Case Managers

Jill Laird, CSSC

Senior Case Manager

Brittany Harris

Case Manager

Casi Chaney, CSSC

Case Manager

Contact Us

AVITAS has offices from the West Coast to the East Coast and office hours from 8 a.m. Eastern (5 a.m. Pacific) to 8 p.m. Eastern (5 p.m. Pacific). We go to great lengths to be available for you when an opportunity arises. You can reach us at 866-670-9288.