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Our model allows financial professionals to participate with a structured settlement professional in the overall planning for their clients and the design of the settlement. We believe this model promotes the development of the most comprehensive solution for claimants, including structured settlements, managed asset accounts, trust services, life insurance and long-term care.

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Personal Injury

Claimants going through personal injury settlements receive their settlement proceeds tax-free under Section 104(a) of the Tax Code. Learn how a structured settlement can extend the tax-free payments to future years and will be paid out according to the claimant's needs.

Attorney Fee Structures

Attorneys who receive contingency based fees have the unique ability to defer their fees and taxes through a structured settlement. Several options are available to attorneys--traditional structured settlement annuities to Fee Structure Plus, which allows attorneys to earn market-related returns.

All Settlements

Any type of legal settlement, from employment litigation to intellectual property cases, can utilize structured settlements. Most of these settlements are completely taxable to claimants. Structured settlements can help claimants defer the income and taxes to future years to help lessen the tax burden.

Installment Sales

If you have a client selling a business or a large piece of real estate and they are concerned about taxes, then you should learn more about structured installment sales. Payment are tailored to meet the sellor's needs and they will only be taxed in the years they receive the payments.

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